Katherine Coppock is a multi-talented emerging visual artist and curator based in Adelaide.

As an artist she works primarily with pencil, paint, and photography, though is starting to experiment in three dimensional works and site specific installation works such as Moving Music and spacial design projects such as the interior of a warehouse for CoCreate Adelaide events.

Her portrait-based work explores surrealistic themes in an expressionistic style. Added text, textures, and an early obsession with abstraction lends some mess to the affair. The resulting work is vividly colourful and heavy in symbology, evoking multiple responses over a period of time. Larger works often have a communal aspect to them, engaging viewers and players alike to encourage interaction with (as an artist) single works and (as a curator) whole exhibitions.

A recent graduate from the South Australian School of Art, she was appointed Visual Arts Curator and Events Co-Coordinator for Re-new Adelaide initiative The Reading Room in 2011.
Added experience has been gained through Higher Ground Inc, Feast Festival, multiple Fringe Festivals, and Moving Music. She has just completed an Advocacy position with the Adelaide Festival Centre’s GreenRoom program, and now works in the Artspace Gallery as an Assistant while planning new shows to produce and share.

For more information, head to http://cargocollective.com/katcoppock/CV-Contact to view full CV.

“My love for art started young. I remember age three; my special desk full of pens, paints and papers, exploring colour and reinventing backyard trees. I still love colour, and I still paint trees, but the act of creation now means much more. Expression has become integral to the way I interact with the world; every moment has an image, a story, a hue. Through windows of others images I see different parts of the world, and this in turn alters and inspires mine. The talents and passions expressed by others both complement and challenge my own, and through active engagement with art and artists I constantly create and recreate new perspectives.”

EMAIL; zaliness@gmail.com
FACEBOOK; http://www.facebook.com/KatCoppock
TWITTER; @artoverapathy
WEBSITE; http://cargocollective.com/katcoppock/
LINKEDIN; http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=74869721&trk=tab_pro
TUMBLR; http://thybeauteousface.tumblr.com/

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