Espionage Gallery and the Struggle For Survival.

Last Thursday (14th of November) I helped one of my favourite artist-run-initiatives in Adelaide, Espionage Gallery, launch its Pozible Campaign to fight the fickle fiscal system and stay open.

ImageThe past couple of years have been hard on Adelaide’s cultural scene, we have seen the closure of many venues that support us ‘young people’ do our ‘creative thing’ whether that be art, music, theater, or beer and bullshit.  The South Australian Government has recently introduced new liquor licensing laws that are hitting all manner of businesses hard, especially in the creative sector that is still struggling to bounce back from our (admittedly minor comparatively to some countries) GFC-inspired-recession. One of these factors is the price increases for a temporary liquor license to be able to sell drinks at a public event in your not-a-bar-space.  Espionage has a public gathering every two weeks or so, ranging from opening new visual art exhibitions, skilled workshops, chairty fundraisers, or webcast live DJ sessions. We need to run a bar at these events to help pay the increased rental costs, but the increased licensing costs then make this redundant.

SO! We’re asking for a little help to make some improvements to the gallery, start a shop, pay some rent, and generally spiffy the place up a bit so that when Fringe time comes, we’ll be super-amazing and everyone in Adelaide will buy ALL THE ART and ALL THE BEER and we wont have to close down EVER. The whole story can be found here;, as well as means to donate if you feel so inclined!

ImageThe director of the gallery, Josh Smith (pictured above with the irrepressible Gen Brandenburg), asked for my help to run the campaign from planning pricing to social media. Being so passionately passionate about my passions, I immediately agreed, and to date I am pleased to say that in three days we have managed to raise a whopping $4000 of our $7000 target, so its looking good. 🙂

ImageTo really hit the point home, I wrote a speech that I gave on opening night/launch party. I have transcribed the speech below for those who missed it!

“As some of you may know, I recently completed my BVA at UniSA.  Like many graduates fresh out of the ‘McDegree’ system, when I emerged from five years of study, I actually had no idea how to create a sustainable arts practice (despite what that system had tried to tell me). For a year or so I floated around working retail and hospitality jobs, gradually losing my passion and creative vision to bills, bars, and blatant apathy. But at some point I made a decision; it was either make art or be completely dead inside (and yes, it was THAT melodramatic!), and though dimmed what was left of my arty spark began to blaze.
The dream was always to run my own an arts venue.
The chance came through Renew Adelaide, and I sat down and took a long hard look at the logistics of running a space without solid financial planning and a dedicated workforce. My courage faced off against my skill set at the time, and packed its bags- gone.

Its actually pretty hard to create an artists-run-initiative in Adelaide. It takes a near super-human ability to maneuver your way around nonsensical building codes, prohibitive liquor licensing laws, marketing plans, budgets, customer relations, demographics, governing bodies and funding surplus… And then you have to deal with THE ARTISTS!
Fortunately, under the staid surface of football, white-collars, and peak hour traffic to and from cathedrals dedicated to commercialism there is a hive of dedicated people passionate about supporting arts culture in this city.  They consistently push against the concept that grey concrete walls and silence after midnight is an ideal living space (of course we here in this room know its not!).

Josh Smith is one of those people. Trough his tireless efforts running this space, hundreds of people have been inspired to find and explore their creative spark.  Artists that would otherwise be stuck at a counter making endless coffees or sticker-pricing tags forever have been supported and encouraged to do what they love, and give others colour and life in their day. He has built a cohesive community that at its core lies a little family that come together to help, to gossip, to laugh, to play, to create, and to rehabilitate each other in the name of Art. We’ve been thriving up here in this hot white room, and now its time to return the favour.

Adelaide’s a tricky beast, with funding fashions ebbing and flowing between trams, stadiums, pop-up co-working hubs, and car park redevelopments, but Art is forever, and artists will not rest until they have an outlet for their passions. We need spaces like this one to survive, therefore we have to hep them survive. So push the button, get a drink, buy An Art, create life, love what you do… and our Espionage family will love YOU!”

ImageIf I’ve convinced you with these words (or even if you love local artists and are looking for a unique new thing to hang on your wall) head to and throw some coins at us.  With your help we can change this city, one boring wall at a time!

*note; all photos credit of the awesome Alex Kwong from happy618, check out more from the night here!

‘Male:Real/Ideal’ and The Vicious Stare*

*This post informs a catalogue essay on the same topic to be printed for the opening of ‘Male;Real/Ideal’ at The Mill (154 Angas Street 5000) on the 6th of September 2013.

My first experience with male body image disorders was through a friend of mine.
We were 18-20-something’s, fresh out of high school and Living The Dream (‘bludging around’).  As with many young creative types, we experimented with many random things, photography being intrinsic to all (many thanks to long-time inspiration Gemma Killen!).  We developed a taste for stage make-up and outlandish clothes, dress-up days, heavily-themed parties, and fantasy photo shoots.  Boys were girls and girls were boys and we all frolicked about in an artistic haze flouting boundaries wherever possible because it was FUN and the act of growing up is frankly a bit shit.
Meanwhile, somewhere in all that play our brains and opinions were developing.  Boundaries were reformed even as we broke them.  More specifically; when we ran into other peoples boundaries we discovered it really hurt.

Said friend, not gay but prone to wearing skirts in public, eye-liner to the beach, and his own amazing jewelery creations everywhere, found it very difficult ‘conforming’ to other peoples dress standards.  He was offended that people immediately assumed there was something wrong with him for wearing a highly-gendered piece of fabric that wasn’t of the masculine style, wrong that he was strong but not tall and big, wrong that he was musical not just LOUD, wrong that he preferred making beautiful things to rounding up other people on a designated bit of ground while aiming for convoluted goals associated with gaining the most numbers.  Already prone to depression, his inability to be able to express himself without the rest of society freaking out and trying to cover him up/convince him otherwise/ignore his existence/run away from the issue sometimes resulted in crippling anxiety and incredible depths of despair.  Unable to face the stares, he retreated for days, weeks, at a time.  We had huge conversations about conventions and gender politics and un-fucking the system, but sometimes, the weight of all those bewildered (and sometimes downright violent) eyes broke him.

Male:Real/Ideal Louie Tarr

We’ve all faced it.
The “why can’t I just be happy with how I look?” which really means “Why are THEY so happy with how they look?”
Its a cycle of self-dissatisfaction> jealousy> greed> self-hate> binge> purge> binge> purge> recover> something’s wrong> self-dissatisfaction> etc, mostly pushed by the media and health organisations as one of those “women’s issues” that we’re so jumpy about (hope you heard the cynicism there).  But listening to my friend talk about this ten years ago, and watching the effect it had on him then strikes home to me that acceptance is not just a “women’s issue”, but (WARNING! Related tangent ahead!) as with domestic violence, its EVERYONE’S ISSUES.

Example two; I dated a painfully skinny boy for a long time (7’2″ tall, 63kg).  We ate chicken nuggets, packet pasta, fried steak and potatoes, take away Chinese, pizza, hamburgers, and drank half a carton of beer a night.  I gained many a tummy roll, he stayed 63kg.  Sometimes he even lost weight, at one point he was 59kg, and freaked out and started eating five times a day.  All he wanted was to hit 70kg.  The dream was 80. I don’t think he ever made it.
Years later, I dated another boy.  At this point I had lost all belief in scales and weight (“You sure that things safe to stand on?”) so I don’t remember numbers.  He had a belly, and arms that jiggled when he ran.  Stockily built, he had muscle mass but it was buried under years of video games and snacks.  I loved him regardless.  He hated himself because he wasn’t fit, buff, or skinny. He hated the jiggle.  His brother, a keen sportsman, was soaked in protein shakes and workouts, and keept a sheath of ‘Men’s Health’ magazines around the house at all times.  The models on the cover seemed to shout YOU WILL NEVER BE AS GOOD AS US BUT YOU MAYBE COULD BE JUST FOLLOW THESE FIVE SIMPLE TIPS…   A constant reminder that whatever you are is never enough.

Compare this with a quote by a woman I found on the controversial Facebook post by Mamamia on the BodyPositiveProject that tells women that by embracing their natural face and not wearing make-up they are empowering themselves.
“I’m one of those people who only wears make up if I have to like say my wedding day, my profile pic. Most others I don’t have makeup on and my husband has always loved that about me that I look like the same person no matter what time of day it is.  Join me people its quite liberating! I do however think I need to get on top of the waxing situation a little more often gorilla eyebrows don’t suit me!!”
Both genders are under the same assumption; what you are is never enough.

Earlier this year a friend of mine, Brodie Paparella, approached me with an idea.  Brodie is of the super-skinny type that I described in my first boyfriend.  He eats constantly but his metabolism is so fast his barely has time to gain nutrients from food before its gone.  By the time he’s 30 he is likely to have osteoporosis.  Colds and viruses hit him particularly hard as he has little to no body fat to feed him immune system.  He has had various reactions to his weight, ranging from “OH, I wish I had you’re problem!” to “You gotta be a junky, right? Can you get me some stuff?”.  Sick of the blatant uninformed judgement on his physical form, he wanted a way of telling the world “Some people just ARE this way! Get over it!”

Lo and behold; Male;Real/Ideal.  A photographic art project that we devised to attack that very situation.  Seven everyday men are paired with seven emerging and professional photographers.  Together they explore the concepts of their own physicality versus outsiders judgement.  They plan conceptual shoots for two images; one that represents where they feel most judged by their appearance, and one where they feel most comfortable and at ease with themselves.

Male:Real/Ideal Kat Coppock
Male:Real/Ideal Kat Coppock

I believe that one of the roles of the artist in society is to challenge presumption.  Therefore we must create ways in to disrupt things society takes for granted, such as stereotypes.  This exhibition is one of those ways.
By selecting models and creating sets, poses, and attire for them we are emulating a modern fashion shoot.  By using atypical models we disrupt what is perceived as ‘attractive’ and bring perceptions of physicality out of the dreamy clouds of commercialism and back to tangible reality.  These are the guys that write your smartphone apps, that teach your children, that work in your offices, that are reading next to you in the library, that make your coffee. There are thousands of them around this country, and none of them look like a God.

Most advertising works on the premise that through repetition the message sticks.  We appropriate and use this same tactic against the illusion theyre trying to sell us by planning five exhibitions with the same theme.  After the fifth we will make a book and sell it that way.  We will cover overweight men, disabled me, transgender men, and overseas men in an effort to show Australia that you don’t have to try and be THIS

When there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being this;
MaleRealIdeal Dave Laslett


OPENING NIGHT CELEBRATIONS for Male:Real/Ideal are 6pm on Friday the 6th of September at The Mill (154 Angas Street Adelaide 5000). The show will run till the 27th of September.
See you there!

male real ideal email flyer

‘Feathers’, and the Nature of Fear

Twelve Days ago, I finished  and posted a video to YouTube.
Now, this may not seem a great feat to many, and indeed there are hundreds who do this every day. For my technologically dyslexic self, however, it slowly became such a big deal that it took me five months to deliver. The video is an overview of a massive exhibition I curated in January 2013 by the name of ‘Feathers’, involving 23 visual artists, 25 meters of chicken wire, heavy audience participation, an unbelievably successful Pozible Campaign, and a hell of a lot of love.

The exhibition itself was an enormous success, which is great as it was one of the most challenging things I have done to date. The learning curve was spectacular as I pulled all my half-realised skills and concepts into something tangible that resulted in a record 300 people through the Format Gallery just on opening night.


The shock of this has not quite worn off yet.

As described in my last blog post ‘CoCreate, Community, and the Act of Giving’, I have some issues relating to confidence, self-esteem, and concepts of self-worth. I’m still exploring the nature of these issues and what they mean as someone who is pursuing a career as a Freelance Creative-Type.  Regardless of how many project ideas I get crazy-excited about (and the list is huge), the depression and social anxiety these cause has a definite impact on my work.

The biggest one is I’m a pretty staunch procrastinator. I have been meaning to write this blog post for about seven days, maybe more. Partly this is because I am terminally distracted, easily overwhelmed by convoluted workloads, and have pretty sporadic sleeping patterns. Partly, its because I’m a chronic party-animal trying to escape all that (which I’m working towards fixing- more to come in the next post). Partly, its cause as passionate as I am of doing anything meaningful, I’m just as shit scared.

This has become a greater issue recently, as I see friends, colleagues, peers, and fellow art school graduates doing fantastic things with their lives and their own careers (both freelance and contractual). I look at myself, and compare my peers successes against mine, and I get an overwhelming sensation of this;


(credit to Hyperbole and a Half for being awesome and saying what we’re all feeling on this one)

But Why? Despite councilors, friends, professional advisers, and countless Dark Nights Of The Soul(TM); I’m still not sure.
-I don’t feel skilled or smart enough, despite my obvious success with my past ventures.
-I don’t like taking credit for the things I do, in past experience standing out from the crowd has always lead to Bad Things.
-Fear of failure; I’ll inexplicably fuck the next project up and have to crawl into the Shame Shed with all the fears and doubts singing a resounding “I told you so!”

These are all possible reasons, but they could also be possible excuses. A friend told me recently that  “Problems are perceived. The more energy you give them the bigger they are.” This works on any level, if you feed the monster, it grows.
As a brief example; social anxiety and panic attacks.  Usually it starts with a vague sense of unease, possibly triggered by an unfamiliar environment or situation. Vicious-cycle-thinking (or Downward-Spiral-Thinking, as I named it after THAT Nine Inch Nails song…) generally goes something like this;

Head; “I’m uncomfortable in this situation”
Body; “Hey, we’re pretty uncomfortable in this situation.”
Head; “Yeah, I don’t really like this. I’m starting to get nervous.”
Body; “We’re nervous! Itchy? I think there’s things on our skin. Under our skin. Inside our skin?”
Head; “I don’t like that there’s things under our skin. It trips me out.”
Body; “You’re tripped out!! Maybe we ate something weird! What’s in our stomach? should it even be IN there?!”
Head; “There’s nothing in our stomach. I feel sick. Is there something in our stomach? Maybe its just the place I’m in. There’s something weird in this place. I think its xyz…
Body; “NOT XYZ! Shit! Maybe we should run away. Lets run away.”
Head; “But we can’t run away. There’s all these people here. This is an Important Thing.”
Body; “ABC? JKL?! XYZ!?! WE’RE TRAPPED!!!!”
Head; “WE’RE TRAPPED!!!! -dizzy spells-“
Head; “AHHHHHHH! -short circuit-“

Its not easy to break this cycle, especially if you’re not aware of the triggers, and the first few symptoms can quickly escalate into a full freak out.  Changing static behaviour usually helps me stop it (go to the toilet, have a cigarette or a drink, talk to someone you -actually- know, walk around the block, dance to the band, etc), but if you remain in its hold and feed the fire like it wants, its only going to get bigger.

So it is with Fear, but on a slower scale. The more you sit and stare at the To Do List, the bigger and darker and more looming it becomes. The more time that passes the more things end up on the list. The bigger the list the more difficult it seems, or it’s that you’re too late, or what’s the point in trying you’ll never catch up AND SUDDENLY OMG WE’RE TRAPPED RUN AWAY!

Its a point of strength to be able to cross things off the list every day while all of you just wants to hide in bed (or in a bottle).
I cheat sometimes, and write small things I did that morning (“check email”, “reply to SMS”, “clean bedroom floor”),  or things that are Life Stuff (“wash the dishes”, “pay gas bill”, “clean bedroom floor”) and knowing I’ve done these medium things helps with the big stuff (“write grant application”, “make high-selling artworks for that prodigious gallery”, “establish a free school for the gifted”, “clean the goddamn bedroom floor!!”).  When I look at these little crossed out lists it helps to remind me that, considering all the little successes I trumped getting to this point, learning a new program like Windows Movie Maker (Yeap, I’m just that profesh) is not actually hard.

As three Dutch performing artists would put it, even though there’s an expectant audience watching you fight your way out of a giant plywood box while your standing on shoulders and pissing in your own face;


The hard bit is spending five months convincing yourself of that. That’s the Fear talking; the long slow stifling panic attack. But I learned something making this video; you just gotta keep doing it. Take a taste of The Scary New Thing, and run away sometimes if you need, but come back to it because the next time you try it wont be so uncomfortable. Every time you understand a little bit more, you learn, you become capable, and then before you know it you’re saying pixellated things like;


which is a great thing to express, especially if you don’t feel it too often.

I’m trying to think of an allegory to go with the last and final image that I feel really represents this journey, but its now 6am and I’ve been mentally wrestling with this post for about three hours. Instead, I’m just going to say that right now Fear is that lurking red thing in the lake, and I’m the wibbly Salamander crawling onto stable land for the first time, and I’m saying to my issues;

So here’s to that, and here’s to all the Scary New Things to come. 🙂

(and thanks again to Allie from Hyperbole for creating these pics and putting them on the internet where I can use them without permission but with all credit were credit is due. You’re a star. 😛 Xx)

‘What Lies Beneath’+’Your Beautiful Face’

Some time ago I was invited to create a work for a seminal art exhibition here in Adelaide by the name of ‘The Tunnels’.  Run by local new kids on the block Artsake Productions, ‘The Tunnels’ used the unique and amazing location of a part of a network of sandstone tunnels underneath the city  built in the 1850’s.

It is no secret that there is a network of these corridors running beneath our feet, but on the whole it is dangerous, locked up, and generally difficult to gain access to. Some how though, these five lovely women managed to convince the Adina Grand Hotel on Victoria Square to let them play down there. And so it was born, a huge art explosion featuring two separate visual art shows, over 60 artists, live music, projection art, live theater, and generally lots of cool things all at once, including a deep set bar that required you to kneel at like a confessional booth, and whisper your secret desire for a drink or two. Running from April 19th to May 2nd, this was Artsake’s first shot at creating large scale immersive arts events.

To be honest, I did not attend the first week of the show, being preoccupied with Tetratologists Inc etc, but the second opening night I did attend as I had work in that round of the exhibition.
The vibe of the place was amazing, old beautifully coloured rough sandstone walls encasing pine boning to suspend artworks created by local design team ‘Fascination Street’ to preserve the  delicate heritage-listed walls.  There were many amazing artists, including some from the ‘Feathers’ show such as Steph Fuller and Fruszi Kenez. Probably my favourite were artist team Naomi Lam/Dylan Crismani presenting ‘Stereo Lamp’, a sound installation made with plaster and wires and speakers that would pop up around corners and on benches in the space sighing breathy electronic tunes, one of these shells having just so happened to be placed under my work.

My work for the show was a labour of love indeed. Titles ‘What Lies Beneath’ it was the culmination of three weeks worth of work gathering branches, paper-macheing them, spray painting, and finally wireworking odds and ends and beads and bobs into delicate strands that dripped down from a lamp in the center of the sculpture.


“Under the earth, secrets gather.
Small things; white lies, lost wishes, cheap coins and abandoned buttons. Misplaced in the grass, fallen down drains, or dropped from pockets, these symbols of sentiments gather huddling underground. Feeding off each other they grow, creating roots and ties. Connections made, cells exchanged, they slowly become one being; a multi-memoried treasure hoarded beneath the dirt.”

The process was quite lengthy, but the end result looked fantastic, and is probably one of my best 3d works to date.

It is in a private collection now (all that work paid off, yes!), but thanks to my shiny new camera, the photos almost do it justice.

Speaking of which (nice segway)… you may also remember my photographic side project ‘Your Beautiful Face’ on tumblr.

Well, it had a whole series of new photographs posted up from events such as holidays, the Reading Room closing party, my involvement with the  ‘The Tunnels’, and some other bits and pieces.
If you’re a tumblr fan, or your just curious to see what I’ve been up to, check it out!


12 Days Of ‘Feathers

It was the 12 Days of ‘Feathers’ and all through the house,
My nerves were high strung as art starts to sprout…

Xmas/New Year holidays! Supposed to be full of rest, but not so for this little curator( Xmas Eve, Day, and Boxing Day aside, of course!). The past few weeks since the success of our campaign have seen many wheels set in motion, and many a ball rolling.

Our beautiful beautiful catalogues have been sent to the printers, and returned minus binding.They are currently at Daniel’s house, being lovingly hand sewn together and accented with his own special touch. They should be ready to post with the sticker packs by New Years! Cameron and Sebastian’s art prints have been sent out to the lucky donators who scored them, and Genevieve will be printing her artist portraits in the New Year, on account of being in Melbourne until the 31st.

The poles that will form the main structure of the nest have been purchased, and after an eventful make-and-build day at my parents property up in the hills (Thank God Dad had a cement mixer handy on board!), we now have 25 free-standing ribs for the nest.  After much stressing and to-ing and fro-ing and misleading information, I also purchased the chicken wire at the same time from Bunnings (mostly just to get it out of my head so I could move on with my life! :P).
This will make its appearance around the 5th when we start to bump in the show at Format Gallery… not long to go now!

bones    goods    makenbuild

The best bit, with the help of My-Dad-The-Engineer, after buying all the materials and putting it together we went from 6 days out from schedule and  kind of over budget, to being RIGHT ON TIME, -AND- just enough under budget that I can provide drinks at opening night if the sponsorship falls through. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! (you have NO IDEA how happy this makes me! >.<)

In case you missed it, there’s been a lot of chat online for ‘Feathers’!
People are well excited, and we’re in all manner of sites and listings as the world cottons on to just how great this show is going to be.

Here is the link to my YouTube Channel, which features our little showreel of internet advertising for the show.  These take the form of short videos featuring some artists that are involved in the show, speaking out about it. Its pretty cute. >.<

We also have a listing on Yelp as an event, so if you’re a Yelper you can also give us a hand spreading the word through this link…

And, if you have time to kill, or are generally just curious, heres a few more places that the event scored a mention;
Podcast of radio interview with Radio Adelaide 101.5FM
Weekend Notes ( a hilarious article full of puns by Dave Walsh. Yay!
The Adelaide Collective
Tourism SA
Krystoff Online Magazine

There will be many more forthcoming though, so keep an eye on the news feed!
Also, I’ll be Tweeting regular updates as they happen, so if you’re keen to hear about this and other arty project’s I’m working on, hit me up at <a href=””>@artoverapathy</A&gt; for a lark.

So as you can see it’s all starting to hot up!
I can’t think of any better way to start the New Year than with a big flock-off art party, so make sure you’re free on the 9th to come and play with us! If you can’t make it, the show will be open until the 9th of Feb, so come down when you can and give us a little colourful love. 🙂

See you then!

An update in the form of Email To Dad (cause I’m Mad like that)

Hey Dad!

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you about the image for the family news!
I’ve been working like a maniac, while still trying to get some sleep etc, and things seem to keep slipping through the net.

As you may be aware, I’ve been working like a mad thing on this new project ‘Feathers’, involving 23 artists and building a communal artspace to help break downs the walls between artists and communities.  After failing to receive the Carclew grant I applied for, I hosted a fundraising campaign on the crowd-funding website Pozible (, which closed yesterday. After massive spammage, we hit our target in 20 days, and ended up with $1442 to put on the show, an epic $300 over our target! This is great, as i just found out the catalogues are going to cost an extra $300 I didn’t plan for, so yay! 😛
The added image that I’ve attatched to this email in my portrait taken by local emerging photographer Genevive Brandenburg, a good friend and a mad artist about town. Part of her contribution to this project was to photograph each artist involved to put into the catalogue, which features bios on everyone involved. Shes a great photographer, and the portraits look amazing!

Some other stats and news you might like to put into the newsletter are; I’ve been curating at the Reading Room now for a year and a half, with no signs of stopping, transforming the space with Beccit to incorporate music, poetry, and theatrical events as well as visual arts. We’re hosting four performances, one visual art show, and one fashion parade during Fringe 2013, which is going to be huge!

I’ve finished up with the GreenRoom Advocacy, which has given me knowledge and skills in areas such as publicity and events management, which we utilised to put on the GreenRoom exhibition ‘GuitarART’ earlier this year, and facilitated a partnership with dancer Fiona Gardiner that resulted in us performing  a groundbreaking performance for the South Australian Living Artists Festival  2012, challenging my boundaries as an artist and introducing my skills into new artforms.

This has been echoed with my involvement with the Moving Music festivals, which I had lent my talents to planning and creating a stage for local bands to play in hidden allyways in the city. The third Moving Music is scheduled for the 14th of January, and I will bee working with a teams of designers and architects to create the largest installment yet. The best news, I actually get PAID for this one (as they took out the grant I was applying for… damnit! :P)

GreenRoom had also provided me with several opportunities to attend arts-as-business lectures and workshops, which are being used as we speak to create a future for myself.  In January I will be starting the New Enterprise and Initiatives Scheme through Canterfuck to further my ambitions as a gallery director of my own place one day.

Also on the cards for 2013 is my involvement with the Helpmann Academy’s Creatives Collective, a youth-run organisation that focuses on bringing emerging artists into contact with funding bodies and the long-standing patrons of the Adelaide arts scene. We promote exposure for young artists through youth events and exhibitions, and aim to facilitate much celebrating of emerging artists and their culture to liven up the cities streets.

You may also remember the art show I had with Tiff for Fringe 2012, where we created 200 works and filled the Reading Room space. Since that time I’ve been in eight group shows in four different galleries (that I remember, there may be more), worked with artists painting a public art mural, helped create a gateway for a festival at the AFC, gained a volunteer position in the Artspace Gallery at the AFC, and made many many awesome arty friends.

Oh yeah, and I went to Cairns and hung out with international DJ’s and went camping in the bush and saw a Solar Eclipse and broke my toe. Hahaha.

So, you can see it was totally worth quitting the shitty bar job! 😀

Its a wealth of information, to be sure, (and probably waaay more in-depth than what you asked for!) but it finally feels with all this learning under my belt I’m fucking getting somewhere. Huzzuh!

Let me know if you need any more dirt to tell the rellies, and I’ll try and something something PR something something.

(Also, are you free between now and xmas to help me pour cement in buckets and stick poles in them? it seems easy enough, but these things always have a hidden agenda…)

Give my love to mum and liz and the puppies. (PUPPIES!!)



In addition to being in the Espionage Gallery “AllStars Exhibition” (13th December!), running the Reading Rooms arts program, going on Cairns for a holiday for Eclipse Festival 2012, breaking my toe, rescuing little birds with broken legs, farewelling a dear friend to South America, getting an amazing new tattoo, and generally ‘Doing Life’, this past month or two I’ve been flat out curating, co-ordinating and creating “Feathers”, my most ambitious (potentially TOO ambitious?) project yet!

Inspired by the phrase “Birds of a feather flock together”, ‘Feathers’ will be held at the Format Gallery Space (15 Peel St, Adelaide 5000) from the 9th January to 10th February 2013.

23 young artists’ works will be enmeshed in a giant chicken wire nest built within the gallery, physically and metaphorically supported by the audience as they weave fabric, yarn, sticks, tape, and other recycled materials into the walls.

The opportunity for young artists to showcase their work and become known in the arts sphere is a high priority of this exhibition, with experienced artists displayed on the same platform as emerging thus promoting equality in the creative sphere. The media that these artists work within will be entirely their own choice, absolving the divide between genres and treating all crafts as equal. From photography to jewellery, to illustration and sculpture, all forms of expression combine to increase awareness of local visual culture.

The artists involved include;
Vera Ada, Sebastian Petrovski, Steph Fuller, Genevive Brabdenburg, Elle DS, Gee Greenslade, Wes Todd, Reb Rowe, Cameron Brideoak, Dan Purvis, Caitlin Millard, Beth Millard, Artist Neto, Sam Evans, Imee Luz, Fruszi Kinez, Grace Mitchell, Andrew Humphries, Katie Lee, Alyshia Eming, Esther Nimmo, Ashley Playfair, Ryan Wakelin; all very talented and amazing at what they do.
Needless to say this show is going to be RIDICULOUSLY amazing,

Its been a lot of hard work, after spending MONTHS recruiting artists, planning the show, and more hours creating a 65page application to a traditional funding body, I was unsuccessful for my $4000 request. So I created a Pozible campaign. Its been going really well, at the stage I created the campaign I thought I still had a chance for this organizations funding, so set it at less than I needed (rookie mistake #1)…
After not getting the funding, I did a massive revision of the budget and cut out a lot of things like advertising, which were super costly. The new estimate is that the project will cost us about $1800 with the majority of that going towards things like buying the chicken wire and wooden doweling, and the rest on gallery hire and promotional costs (catalogues are expensive!).
Despite this though the campaign’s been going OFF, and we hit target with ten days left! We’re sitting at about 111% funded with five days to go, but due to my oversight we’re still looking for moneys, and people are still contributing, which is great! There’s some amazing stuff up for grabs on the campaign site, including limited edition prints by artists involved, a dessert baking class at a local cafe, portraits of the artists shot by incredible local photographer Genevive Brandenburg,  as well as some cool stickery things designed by yours truely! (plug plug)

We’ve also been featured in  Krystoff Magazine, and I had an  interview on Radio Adelaide 101.5fm Friday morning (breakfast show… uggghhh… early morning was early). Its good, it feels like the cities listening. The weight of expectation hangs in the  air. No pressure. 🙂

To check out the campaign, visit… or watch the video!

Much more to come on this show and others, there’s a lot of things in the pipeline, though this is taking up much of my time currently.
Who says there’s nothing to do in Adelaide? ;P

Introducing; “What’s Your Crutch?”!!


For the South Australian Living Artists Festival this year I’m collaborating on a project with dancer Fiona Gardner.
I’m striking off in (another) different direction, still experimenting, still trying to find what fits within. We will be merging our art forms to create a moving installation exploring external manifestations of physiological dependency.

In four unique performances, body movement will combine with expressionistic painting skills creating a project that leads to an open awareness of the nature of dependency in self and others.

Each mental crutch has its own unique effect that plays an important part in our ability to deal with the world around us. These unknown refuges can be found in many aspects of people’s lives, both in a negative and positive manner. Examples of negative psychological crutches can include food addiction or denial, psychological reliance on drugs, alcohol and/or nicotine, self-harm, over-dependence on social norms and conformity, escapist or anti-social behaviour, fanaticism, workaholism, adverse promiscuity, gambling, compulsive shopping, technology or internet addiction.

These works are inspired by strangers; so if you have some time to spare, please contribute your stories!

Help inspire us so that in August, we can return the favour. 🙂

Busy Busy Bonnet!

This week has been crazy! Mega nuts!
For the first time, I was in TWO group shows IN ONE WEEK. Ridiculous, I know.

My works “Wallflower” and “In His Hands” appeared  in the RSASA Youthscape 2012 awards, on Sunday the 17th, sitting alongside some of the best emerging artists in Adelaide.

Arent they pretty? 🙂

And then, a mere four days later opening on the 21st, was Espionage Gallery’s  whirlwind three-day ‘Winter’ show, comprising of over 60 artists from all over the world (the man’s connected, what can we say?).

I presented these cute little guys…




…who are all cute representations of something we all get a case of The S.A.D. (or Seasonal Affective Disorder). This is a condition that usually manifests during the Winter months, though Spring and Summer cases have been reported. With symptoms closely mirroring Clinical Depression, it is caused by an over-production of melatonin in the brain. Usually controlled by exposure to bright light through the retina, the long dim hours of winter leave the body prone as it confuses ‘awake’ for ‘asleep’. Disconnection, vagueness, altered eating and sleeping cycles, and bouts of anxiety are all usual signs of S.A.D. Those prone to bi-polar mental disorders and other mental illnesses are more likely to display these symptoms, though ‘normal’ mentally healthy people are also frequently affected. If you are feeling down, this artistic study into monsters of the blues may help you understand why. *

The show was a huge success, amazing turn out and LOTS of fun. 🙂

There’s many things to come as I expand my art practice in all ways possible. The next big project is for SALA Festival 2012, called “Whats Your Crutch?”
Stay tuned for more details…

*If you are feeling like any of these Winter Ogres are overwhelming you, please seek out a good which doctor, or an even better Mental Health Councillor.


For the past few months I have been -flat out- with volunteering for the Adelaide Festival Center’s Green Room Program. After being selected as an Advocate in February this year, I have since collaborated with some of the best and brightest of the Festival Center crew, working towards building a youthful presence within the AFC walls. This includes helping out with the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, the Adelaide International Guitar Festival, and the OzAsia Festival, as well as learning the tricks of the trade and the huge amount of effort and work these guys put both into the running of these amazing events as well as day-to-day life promoting quality theater.

One of the most exciting things to happen from this program (so far!) was the opportunity to design and create a promotional image for an event we’ve envisioned called Guitar Art.

This is a competition designed to run alongside the Adelaide International Guitar Festival where we call out to emerging artists between 16-30 to think of creative things to do to a guitar. After submitting a brief to the AFC, finalists will be chosen and given a physical guitar to manipulate as per their idea (and get a double pass to see the amazing Punch Brothers at the Festival!). From these submissions, a judging panel will select prize winners, with the top prize being $1500!!!

These guitars will then be displayed in the Dunstan Playhouse Foyer from the 9th to the 12th of August, giving massive exposure to these creatives just embarking on their careers.

As much as I would LOVE to apply (dam you, clash of interests! :P), I am contenting myself with the fact that my image (based on the incredible guitar drawn by artist and designer Chris McGill for the AIGF branding) will be used to promote the event.


Once again aided by those amazing dudes at Tooth and Nail Gallery and Studios, I created a design based around the concept of taking apart and putting back together a guitar, reducing the components back to its purely creative level.  This takes the form of a patent design, or blue print, for a guitar leaving the building and embellishment up to the artists.
After sketching this design, and etching it into an  acrylic ‘plate’, I then used T+N’s press to bring it to life on archival etching paper.

Unfortunately, the inks I was using were not quite bright enough for my desired result, so after they had dried I re-sketched the original print with a blue ball-point pen, strengthening the image and creating more depth.

I submitted it to the design studio at the AFC today and they loved it! It’s in there right now being turned into a postcard and poster. Awesome.

Look out for them on the streets in the next few weeks, and if you’re between 16-30 sign up to the Green Room and take part in this amazing opportunity.
Deadline for applications is July 2nd, so get on it!