So last night was the opening of my second exhibition, and first (non-art school) collaborative exhibition, <i>Les Petites Morts!</i>

After a week of sanding, spak-filling, painting, and re-painting, <a href=>The Reading Room</a> looked absolutely amazing with newly finished walls, and like-wise did our works! Sandrine’s, as you can see below, dominated the space with their effective colour scheme and Neitsche-inspired texts. My works, much much smaller, added some flavour and colour to the scene.

(photos by NicNic Ansell)

It went astoundingly well, with 17 out of 40 works sold!  (I’m so stoked, all my thanks to those who purchased moments of my experience.)

If you’re around at all on Hindley Street before the 30th of December, drop in and have a look-see!

Leaving you with one of the happiest photos I think I’ll ever cherish; this summed up the night completely for me.

(photo by Gemma Killen)

Love you guys.