Road Trippen’!

Some where between opening the epic and fabulous ‘Feathers’ Exhibition, and closing the epic and fabulous ‘Feathers’ Exhibition, I managed to take a bit of a holiday.


First I went up to Loxton in Victoria for the annual Rainbow Serpent pilgrimage with some very dear friends of mine,


and after having a fabulous time dancing, drinking, meditating, drawing, painting, dancing again, shopping, hiking, chatting, and more dancing, for five days, I headed down to Melbourne for a night to hang out with my awesome friend Cameron Brideoake.   After dinner and a great chat about art, religeon, politics, and inspiration at the Black Cat wine bar, I got up way too early in the morning to fly up to Alice Springs!

After a big week of traveling and party times, it was no wonder I was pretty tired. As soon as the plane lifted off for the three hour flight to the center of Australia I dozed off.. and woke up sometime later to this amazing sight; so beautiful that my head swam (though that could have been vertigo), and my feet started tingling as I caught my breath…


Once I’d landed, the tour began!
It started with a bit of a drive around the city (larger than Adelaide but feeling much smaller), and then dinner and a night out on the town! Alice night life is interesting, there were apparently only a few ‘safe’ places to go, and we went to most of them and ended up having a great time!

The next morning however, was quite painful, as we had to get up early to pack and go hiking at the amazing Glen Helen Gorge.



We hiked for about an hour and a half once we’d crossed the gorge and found a lovely spot by a river to camp and share a feast of food! After chatting late into the night we all gradually eased in to sleep, only to be woken as the moon rose over the cliffs by a disjointed and eery warbling cacophony! I had never heard such a noise before in my life, and jumped up terrified from dreams of grandstands full of goblins cheering and thrusting their gnarled little finger in the air. My friend was already at the fire stoking it right up, when I asked him what it was he replied that some wild dingos were stalking the ridge line. The fire would keep them at bay, though I have to say it was the creepiest noise I had ever heard, and after all the tales floating around the city of the wild dogs taking domesticated pets and mauling them in the streets due to starvation, it took me quite a while to get beck to sleep.

The next few days were pretty quiet, with me working frantically on my Pecha Kutcha Adelaide presentation (due on the very evening I arrived back in Adelaide) coupled with trips to the Araluen Arts center to get my culture on, but soon the incredibly stunning landscape would hit me again!

Our next big adventure we had was down to Ellory Gorge a few days later, which is easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.


After an amazing afternoon swimming and relaxing and snacking I went home bright red from sunburn, but so chilled out and happy to have seen such a magical place.

More photos of the adventure can be seen here.

Far from sating my curiostiy fro the world though, all of this travel has only just increased it, and even though I’ve only been home two months, after Fringe and all the madness that has happened since I am so keen to go beyond the horizon again, hopefully this time towards Tasmania for the Dark Mofo Arts Festival… (thats really really exciting!)

‘Your Beautiful Face’

A few weeks ago a friend of mine sold me her second hand Canon EOS30D.

Its a great little camera, and I’ve been carting it around everywhere, including Tumby Bay, Xmas, and Exhibitions, doofs, and random places.
All this wandering around has given me opportunity to practice my photography, and also capture the amazing people that I love doing their awesome thing.
And so; Voila! ‘Your Beautiful Face’, was born!
As side-project of mine on tumblr (another one -sigh-) featuring images of those awesome amazing people I come across in my daily life, this gives me both a chance to practice my wares, and celebrate those I love.

_MG_7601    IMG_7687    IMG_7806

These are just a few samples of what I have so far, there are more on the blog, and will be even more as I wander through time and tide. So check it out. 🙂