‘Your Beautiful Face’

A few weeks ago a friend of mine sold me her second hand Canon EOS30D.

Its a great little camera, and I’ve been carting it around everywhere, including Tumby Bay, Xmas, and Exhibitions, doofs, and random places.
All this wandering around has given me opportunity to practice my photography, and also capture the amazing people that I love doing their awesome thing.
And so; Voila! ‘Your Beautiful Face’, was born!
As side-project of mine on tumblr (another one -sigh-) featuring images of those awesome amazing people I come across in my daily life, this gives me both a chance to practice my wares, and celebrate those I love.

_MG_7601    IMG_7687    IMG_7806

These are just a few samples of what I have so far, there are more on the blog, and will be even more as I wander through time and tide. So check it out. 🙂

12 Days Of ‘Feathers

It was the 12 Days of ‘Feathers’ and all through the house,
My nerves were high strung as art starts to sprout…

Xmas/New Year holidays! Supposed to be full of rest, but not so for this little curator( Xmas Eve, Day, and Boxing Day aside, of course!). The past few weeks since the success of our campaign have seen many wheels set in motion, and many a ball rolling.

Our beautiful beautiful catalogues have been sent to the printers, and returned minus binding.They are currently at Daniel’s house, being lovingly hand sewn together and accented with his own special touch. They should be ready to post with the sticker packs by New Years! Cameron and Sebastian’s art prints have been sent out to the lucky donators who scored them, and Genevieve will be printing her artist portraits in the New Year, on account of being in Melbourne until the 31st.

The poles that will form the main structure of the nest have been purchased, and after an eventful make-and-build day at my parents property up in the hills (Thank God Dad had a cement mixer handy on board!), we now have 25 free-standing ribs for the nest.  After much stressing and to-ing and fro-ing and misleading information, I also purchased the chicken wire at the same time from Bunnings (mostly just to get it out of my head so I could move on with my life! :P).
This will make its appearance around the 5th when we start to bump in the show at Format Gallery… not long to go now!

bones    goods    makenbuild

The best bit, with the help of My-Dad-The-Engineer, after buying all the materials and putting it together we went from 6 days out from schedule and  kind of over budget, to being RIGHT ON TIME, -AND- just enough under budget that I can provide drinks at opening night if the sponsorship falls through. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! (you have NO IDEA how happy this makes me! >.<)

In case you missed it, there’s been a lot of chat online for ‘Feathers’!
People are well excited, and we’re in all manner of sites and listings as the world cottons on to just how great this show is going to be.

Here is the link to my YouTube Channel, which features our little showreel of internet advertising for the show.  These take the form of short videos featuring some artists that are involved in the show, speaking out about it. Its pretty cute. >.<

We also have a listing on Yelp as an event, so if you’re a Yelper you can also give us a hand spreading the word through this link…

And, if you have time to kill, or are generally just curious, heres a few more places that the event scored a mention;
Podcast of radio interview with Radio Adelaide 101.5FM
Weekend Notes ( a hilarious article full of puns by Dave Walsh. Yay!
The Adelaide Collective
Tourism SA
Krystoff Online Magazine

There will be many more forthcoming though, so keep an eye on the news feed!
Also, I’ll be Tweeting regular updates as they happen, so if you’re keen to hear about this and other arty project’s I’m working on, hit me up at <a href=”https://twitter.com/artoverapathy”>@artoverapathy</A&gt; for a lark.

So as you can see it’s all starting to hot up!
I can’t think of any better way to start the New Year than with a big flock-off art party, so make sure you’re free on the 9th to come and play with us! If you can’t make it, the show will be open until the 9th of Feb, so come down when you can and give us a little colourful love. 🙂

See you then!

An update in the form of Email To Dad (cause I’m Mad like that)

Hey Dad!

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you about the image for the family news!
I’ve been working like a maniac, while still trying to get some sleep etc, and things seem to keep slipping through the net.

As you may be aware, I’ve been working like a mad thing on this new project ‘Feathers’, involving 23 artists and building a communal artspace to help break downs the walls between artists and communities.  After failing to receive the Carclew grant I applied for, I hosted a fundraising campaign on the crowd-funding website Pozible (http://pozible.com/feathers), which closed yesterday. After massive spammage, we hit our target in 20 days, and ended up with $1442 to put on the show, an epic $300 over our target! This is great, as i just found out the catalogues are going to cost an extra $300 I didn’t plan for, so yay! 😛
The added image that I’ve attatched to this email in my portrait taken by local emerging photographer Genevive Brandenburg, a good friend and a mad artist about town. Part of her contribution to this project was to photograph each artist involved to put into the catalogue, which features bios on everyone involved. Shes a great photographer, and the portraits look amazing!

Some other stats and news you might like to put into the newsletter are; I’ve been curating at the Reading Room now for a year and a half, with no signs of stopping, transforming the space with Beccit to incorporate music, poetry, and theatrical events as well as visual arts. We’re hosting four performances, one visual art show, and one fashion parade during Fringe 2013, which is going to be huge!

I’ve finished up with the GreenRoom Advocacy, which has given me knowledge and skills in areas such as publicity and events management, which we utilised to put on the GreenRoom exhibition ‘GuitarART’ earlier this year, and facilitated a partnership with dancer Fiona Gardiner that resulted in us performing  a groundbreaking performance for the South Australian Living Artists Festival  2012, challenging my boundaries as an artist and introducing my skills into new artforms.

This has been echoed with my involvement with the Moving Music festivals, which I had lent my talents to planning and creating a stage for local bands to play in hidden allyways in the city. The third Moving Music is scheduled for the 14th of January, and I will bee working with a teams of designers and architects to create the largest installment yet. The best news, I actually get PAID for this one (as they took out the grant I was applying for… damnit! :P)

GreenRoom had also provided me with several opportunities to attend arts-as-business lectures and workshops, which are being used as we speak to create a future for myself.  In January I will be starting the New Enterprise and Initiatives Scheme through Canterfuck to further my ambitions as a gallery director of my own place one day.

Also on the cards for 2013 is my involvement with the Helpmann Academy’s Creatives Collective, a youth-run organisation that focuses on bringing emerging artists into contact with funding bodies and the long-standing patrons of the Adelaide arts scene. We promote exposure for young artists through youth events and exhibitions, and aim to facilitate much celebrating of emerging artists and their culture to liven up the cities streets.

You may also remember the art show I had with Tiff for Fringe 2012, where we created 200 works and filled the Reading Room space. Since that time I’ve been in eight group shows in four different galleries (that I remember, there may be more), worked with artists painting a public art mural, helped create a gateway for a festival at the AFC, gained a volunteer position in the Artspace Gallery at the AFC, and made many many awesome arty friends.

Oh yeah, and I went to Cairns and hung out with international DJ’s and went camping in the bush and saw a Solar Eclipse and broke my toe. Hahaha.

So, you can see it was totally worth quitting the shitty bar job! 😀

Its a wealth of information, to be sure, (and probably waaay more in-depth than what you asked for!) but it finally feels with all this learning under my belt I’m fucking getting somewhere. Huzzuh!

Let me know if you need any more dirt to tell the rellies, and I’ll try and something something PR something something.

(Also, are you free between now and xmas to help me pour cement in buckets and stick poles in them? it seems easy enough, but these things always have a hidden agenda…)

Give my love to mum and liz and the puppies. (PUPPIES!!)


ADELAIDE! =I love this city…


…and this is why. 🙂

Yesterday the crowd sourced  Pozible Campaign for ‘Feathers’ closed. for more information on ‘Feathers’ the show, check out the link or see the blog post below.
‘Feathers’ hit our target goal of $1100 at 20 days into the month long campaign, which is pretty damn amazing. We ended up raising $1442, $300 over target for the show!

I’ve written it a few times now, in emails and updates, but I still can’t believe it. My heart does this weird fluttery thing whenever I read the words “$300 over target” and I get a bit dizzy….in a good way…

The following is from the update I wrote for the campaign upon its close, and sums up some reason why I get this quiver…

“I’m amazed, astounded, and incredibly humbled by this.  The aim of ‘Feathers’ was originally to create an all-inclusive collaborative project that would get artists from all disciplines together. As many of these artists are at the very beginnings of their creative careers, their super-keen involvemement also highlighted how little opportunities there are for creatives in Australia. Traditional arts funding has been slashed and institutions are backing away from arts support. Emerging artists like those featured in this exhibition need all the help they can get to make creating beautiful things a beautiful career, and unfortunately the mainstream mindframe right now is not in our favour!

However, incredible people like those that have helped with this campaign have re-established my faith that art and artists are not only highly needed, but also valued in this community. Its a great feeling, and thank you all for giving that back to me. 🙂

There is a very strong underground arts scene uprising in Adelaide at the moment. The past few generations of graduates have emerged as a highly-motivated and powerful art force, and they are grabbing this city by the horns and showing it how it’s done. With these inspiring people beside us we WILL bring creative projects back into this city. Vibrancy be damned, we’re pouring paint off the walls, sending colour cascading down the streets!

This is just the start of my personal arts renaissance. By getting the wider community involved in projects such as ‘Feathers’, I aim to bring down the walls between artists and audiences. I want to show people that there art is not something to be afraid of, feel alienated by, or let pass quietly. We are all inherently creative, and ‘Feathers’ celebrates that by providing a space that  everyone can play with/in.
The first step was this Pozible campaign, and it’s worked better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you all again! :D”

Having had a day to get my head around it, the next step is to send our catalogues to get printed (tomorrow!), and to continue posting all our posters etc (designed by yours truely!) out and about on the streets.


The next few weeks will see me living at Bunning’s, salvage stores, and sand/metal depos gathering the framework for the nest.. and then.. bam! Come January the 9th there’s going to be the biggest opening party this year. (Incidentally, I was born at 12:06am January the 10th, so its also going to be one huge birthday party. Wouldn’t have it any other way!).

Thanks again to everyone who made this journey with me, and who will yet to be involved! You’re all fucking amazing. 🙂



In addition to being in the Espionage Gallery “AllStars Exhibition” (13th December!), running the Reading Rooms arts program, going on Cairns for a holiday for Eclipse Festival 2012, breaking my toe, rescuing little birds with broken legs, farewelling a dear friend to South America, getting an amazing new tattoo, and generally ‘Doing Life’, this past month or two I’ve been flat out curating, co-ordinating and creating “Feathers”, my most ambitious (potentially TOO ambitious?) project yet!

Inspired by the phrase “Birds of a feather flock together”, ‘Feathers’ will be held at the Format Gallery Space (15 Peel St, Adelaide 5000) from the 9th January to 10th February 2013.

23 young artists’ works will be enmeshed in a giant chicken wire nest built within the gallery, physically and metaphorically supported by the audience as they weave fabric, yarn, sticks, tape, and other recycled materials into the walls.

The opportunity for young artists to showcase their work and become known in the arts sphere is a high priority of this exhibition, with experienced artists displayed on the same platform as emerging thus promoting equality in the creative sphere. The media that these artists work within will be entirely their own choice, absolving the divide between genres and treating all crafts as equal. From photography to jewellery, to illustration and sculpture, all forms of expression combine to increase awareness of local visual culture.

The artists involved include;
Vera Ada, Sebastian Petrovski, Steph Fuller, Genevive Brabdenburg, Elle DS, Gee Greenslade, Wes Todd, Reb Rowe, Cameron Brideoak, Dan Purvis, Caitlin Millard, Beth Millard, Artist Neto, Sam Evans, Imee Luz, Fruszi Kinez, Grace Mitchell, Andrew Humphries, Katie Lee, Alyshia Eming, Esther Nimmo, Ashley Playfair, Ryan Wakelin; all very talented and amazing at what they do.
Needless to say this show is going to be RIDICULOUSLY amazing,

Its been a lot of hard work, after spending MONTHS recruiting artists, planning the show, and more hours creating a 65page application to a traditional funding body, I was unsuccessful for my $4000 request. So I created a Pozible campaign. Its been going really well, at the stage I created the campaign I thought I still had a chance for this organizations funding, so set it at less than I needed (rookie mistake #1)…
After not getting the funding, I did a massive revision of the budget and cut out a lot of things like advertising, which were super costly. The new estimate is that the project will cost us about $1800 with the majority of that going towards things like buying the chicken wire and wooden doweling, and the rest on gallery hire and promotional costs (catalogues are expensive!).
Despite this though the campaign’s been going OFF, and we hit target with ten days left! We’re sitting at about 111% funded with five days to go, but due to my oversight we’re still looking for moneys, and people are still contributing, which is great! There’s some amazing stuff up for grabs on the campaign site, including limited edition prints by artists involved, a dessert baking class at a local cafe, portraits of the artists shot by incredible local photographer Genevive Brandenburg,  as well as some cool stickery things designed by yours truely! (plug plug)

We’ve also been featured in  Krystoff Magazine, and I had an  interview on Radio Adelaide 101.5fm Friday morning (breakfast show… uggghhh… early morning was early). Its good, it feels like the cities listening. The weight of expectation hangs in the  air. No pressure. 🙂

To check out the campaign, visit http://pozible.com/feathers… or watch the video!

Much more to come on this show and others, there’s a lot of things in the pipeline, though this is taking up much of my time currently.
Who says there’s nothing to do in Adelaide? ;P