Move-it, Move-it!

This weekend was a special one for the residents of the Adelaide CBD. For the first time, we took back the streets in an effort to save the ailing local music industry.

For the past few decades, pubs and bars have been gradually hemmed in by poorly-chosen apartment blocks, bringing people from all over the world in an effort to boost our local economy… to the detriment of the very things that make people want to stay- live theatre, music, and clubs!
To stand against this, we made Moving Music. (also  found here), a one night extravaganza showcasing three different local bands in three different public installations in the city. This mixing of art, architecture, music, and performance made a spectacular night of fun, dancing, and enlightening, and with over 150 attending the inaugural festival, the next few months should beckon to the music industry as a beacon to the drowning executive. Without our local arts and music scenes, all the youth that have the passion and the time and the money will all get bored and go spend all these qualities elsewhere, and this city will die.
Take note, council noise regulators! We want to live and we will not be silent!
-end rant-

So. Working on creating one of these public installation stages was yours truly.  Using the stencil skills I learned form the Sessions Workshops (see below), I created a wall mural for the first stage (featuring the amazing folk talents of  Todd Sibbin and Tom West).

The concept; folk music is primarily centered around beautiful stories. the words and lyrics used in these stories are essential to the song. the task is a trying one, here you see the musical artist, hard at work at his desk full of books and more words. The ideas that have succeeded have turned into beautiful songs and flown away to enchant the audience. The failed ideas, scrunched up and thrown in the bin beside him, gradually spilling out to engage with the audience.  Newspaper was used as it a medium centering around communication, truth and lies, it was plentiful with words,it fits the rugged aesthetic of the wall in the carpark,  and also its pretty much free after the day its printed. 😛 Combining this with me new-found skills in stencil art, and together with the kids from local design team Fascination Street, we came up with the following amazing stage…


It was an amazing idea, and amazing fun t work on, and I’m glad to have a chance to practice my new skills and also contribute to an event that supports all the industries I’m passionate in.  Save live music! Have Gigs in parks! 🙂

Happy Birthday!

I quipped to my Dad a few days before today, that most girls ask for jewelery for their birthday. Seeing as I have worked in one bead store or another for about four years, and know many metal workers, this seemed a bit redundant.
So I got steel capped boots instead.

Why, I hear you ask? Because all week I have been in high-risk vehicle training, and today got my forklift license! OH YEAH!

Through TAFE and SkillsSA I’m engaged in a course called Skills For Creative Events, which teaches you all the skills you need to plan, site, set up, and effectively run a festival (or creative event). Over the next three weeks I’ll learn how to drive a boom-lift (as well as the forklift and scissor-lift), get a yellow and white card in OH+S, learn how to set up staging, create safety regulations, get y first aid and fire warden certificates, and hob-knob with industry professionals and pick their brains about how they run and manage famous festivals around Australia.

In three weeks, I get more qualifications than in FIVE years at University, studying my BVA.
Somehow I’m sensing a shift in the education hierarchy in the near future.

I dont have a photo to show how excited I am about this, but you can believe I am pretty damn excited.

Now.. what’s for dinner?
(Champagne ;P)