‘What Lies Beneath’+’Your Beautiful Face’

Some time ago I was invited to create a work for a seminal art exhibition here in Adelaide by the name of ‘The Tunnels’.  Run by local new kids on the block Artsake Productions, ‘The Tunnels’ used the unique and amazing location of a part of a network of sandstone tunnels underneath the city  built in the 1850’s.

It is no secret that there is a network of these corridors running beneath our feet, but on the whole it is dangerous, locked up, and generally difficult to gain access to. Some how though, these five lovely women managed to convince the Adina Grand Hotel on Victoria Square to let them play down there. And so it was born, a huge art explosion featuring two separate visual art shows, over 60 artists, live music, projection art, live theater, and generally lots of cool things all at once, including a deep set bar that required you to kneel at like a confessional booth, and whisper your secret desire for a drink or two. Running from April 19th to May 2nd, this was Artsake’s first shot at creating large scale immersive arts events.

To be honest, I did not attend the first week of the show, being preoccupied with Tetratologists Inc etc, but the second opening night I did attend as I had work in that round of the exhibition.
The vibe of the place was amazing, old beautifully coloured rough sandstone walls encasing pine boning to suspend artworks created by local design team ‘Fascination Street’ to preserve the  delicate heritage-listed walls.  There were many amazing artists, including some from the ‘Feathers’ show such as Steph Fuller and Fruszi Kenez. Probably my favourite were artist team Naomi Lam/Dylan Crismani presenting ‘Stereo Lamp’, a sound installation made with plaster and wires and speakers that would pop up around corners and on benches in the space sighing breathy electronic tunes, one of these shells having just so happened to be placed under my work.

My work for the show was a labour of love indeed. Titles ‘What Lies Beneath’ it was the culmination of three weeks worth of work gathering branches, paper-macheing them, spray painting, and finally wireworking odds and ends and beads and bobs into delicate strands that dripped down from a lamp in the center of the sculpture.


“Under the earth, secrets gather.
Small things; white lies, lost wishes, cheap coins and abandoned buttons. Misplaced in the grass, fallen down drains, or dropped from pockets, these symbols of sentiments gather huddling underground. Feeding off each other they grow, creating roots and ties. Connections made, cells exchanged, they slowly become one being; a multi-memoried treasure hoarded beneath the dirt.”

The process was quite lengthy, but the end result looked fantastic, and is probably one of my best 3d works to date.

It is in a private collection now (all that work paid off, yes!), but thanks to my shiny new camera, the photos almost do it justice.

Speaking of which (nice segway)… you may also remember my photographic side project ‘Your Beautiful Face’ on tumblr.

Well, it had a whole series of new photographs posted up from events such as holidays, the Reading Room closing party, my involvement with the  ‘The Tunnels’, and some other bits and pieces.
If you’re a tumblr fan, or your just curious to see what I’ve been up to, check it out!



12 Days Of ‘Feathers

It was the 12 Days of ‘Feathers’ and all through the house,
My nerves were high strung as art starts to sprout…

Xmas/New Year holidays! Supposed to be full of rest, but not so for this little curator( Xmas Eve, Day, and Boxing Day aside, of course!). The past few weeks since the success of our campaign have seen many wheels set in motion, and many a ball rolling.

Our beautiful beautiful catalogues have been sent to the printers, and returned minus binding.They are currently at Daniel’s house, being lovingly hand sewn together and accented with his own special touch. They should be ready to post with the sticker packs by New Years! Cameron and Sebastian’s art prints have been sent out to the lucky donators who scored them, and Genevieve will be printing her artist portraits in the New Year, on account of being in Melbourne until the 31st.

The poles that will form the main structure of the nest have been purchased, and after an eventful make-and-build day at my parents property up in the hills (Thank God Dad had a cement mixer handy on board!), we now have 25 free-standing ribs for the nest.  After much stressing and to-ing and fro-ing and misleading information, I also purchased the chicken wire at the same time from Bunnings (mostly just to get it out of my head so I could move on with my life! :P).
This will make its appearance around the 5th when we start to bump in the show at Format Gallery… not long to go now!

bones    goods    makenbuild

The best bit, with the help of My-Dad-The-Engineer, after buying all the materials and putting it together we went from 6 days out from schedule and  kind of over budget, to being RIGHT ON TIME, -AND- just enough under budget that I can provide drinks at opening night if the sponsorship falls through. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! (you have NO IDEA how happy this makes me! >.<)

In case you missed it, there’s been a lot of chat online for ‘Feathers’!
People are well excited, and we’re in all manner of sites and listings as the world cottons on to just how great this show is going to be.

Here is the link to my YouTube Channel, which features our little showreel of internet advertising for the show.  These take the form of short videos featuring some artists that are involved in the show, speaking out about it. Its pretty cute. >.<

We also have a listing on Yelp as an event, so if you’re a Yelper you can also give us a hand spreading the word through this link…

And, if you have time to kill, or are generally just curious, heres a few more places that the event scored a mention;
Podcast of radio interview with Radio Adelaide 101.5FM
Weekend Notes ( a hilarious article full of puns by Dave Walsh. Yay!
The Adelaide Collective
Tourism SA
Krystoff Online Magazine

There will be many more forthcoming though, so keep an eye on the news feed!
Also, I’ll be Tweeting regular updates as they happen, so if you’re keen to hear about this and other arty project’s I’m working on, hit me up at <a href=”https://twitter.com/artoverapathy”>@artoverapathy</A&gt; for a lark.

So as you can see it’s all starting to hot up!
I can’t think of any better way to start the New Year than with a big flock-off art party, so make sure you’re free on the 9th to come and play with us! If you can’t make it, the show will be open until the 9th of Feb, so come down when you can and give us a little colourful love. 🙂

See you then!

Introducing; “What’s Your Crutch?”!!


For the South Australian Living Artists Festival this year I’m collaborating on a project with dancer Fiona Gardner.
I’m striking off in (another) different direction, still experimenting, still trying to find what fits within. We will be merging our art forms to create a moving installation exploring external manifestations of physiological dependency.

In four unique performances, body movement will combine with expressionistic painting skills creating a project that leads to an open awareness of the nature of dependency in self and others.

Each mental crutch has its own unique effect that plays an important part in our ability to deal with the world around us. These unknown refuges can be found in many aspects of people’s lives, both in a negative and positive manner. Examples of negative psychological crutches can include food addiction or denial, psychological reliance on drugs, alcohol and/or nicotine, self-harm, over-dependence on social norms and conformity, escapist or anti-social behaviour, fanaticism, workaholism, adverse promiscuity, gambling, compulsive shopping, technology or internet addiction.

These works are inspired by strangers; so if you have some time to spare, please contribute your stories!

Help inspire us so that in August, we can return the favour. 🙂

Move-it, Move-it!

This weekend was a special one for the residents of the Adelaide CBD. For the first time, we took back the streets in an effort to save the ailing local music industry.

For the past few decades, pubs and bars have been gradually hemmed in by poorly-chosen apartment blocks, bringing people from all over the world in an effort to boost our local economy… to the detriment of the very things that make people want to stay- live theatre, music, and clubs!
To stand against this, we made Moving Music. (also  found here), a one night extravaganza showcasing three different local bands in three different public installations in the city. This mixing of art, architecture, music, and performance made a spectacular night of fun, dancing, and enlightening, and with over 150 attending the inaugural festival, the next few months should beckon to the music industry as a beacon to the drowning executive. Without our local arts and music scenes, all the youth that have the passion and the time and the money will all get bored and go spend all these qualities elsewhere, and this city will die.
Take note, council noise regulators! We want to live and we will not be silent!
-end rant-

So. Working on creating one of these public installation stages was yours truly.  Using the stencil skills I learned form the Sessions Workshops (see below), I created a wall mural for the first stage (featuring the amazing folk talents of  Todd Sibbin and Tom West).

The concept; folk music is primarily centered around beautiful stories. the words and lyrics used in these stories are essential to the song. the task is a trying one, here you see the musical artist, hard at work at his desk full of books and more words. The ideas that have succeeded have turned into beautiful songs and flown away to enchant the audience. The failed ideas, scrunched up and thrown in the bin beside him, gradually spilling out to engage with the audience.  Newspaper was used as it a medium centering around communication, truth and lies, it was plentiful with words,it fits the rugged aesthetic of the wall in the carpark,  and also its pretty much free after the day its printed. 😛 Combining this with me new-found skills in stencil art, and together with the kids from local design team Fascination Street, we came up with the following amazing stage…


It was an amazing idea, and amazing fun t work on, and I’m glad to have a chance to practice my new skills and also contribute to an event that supports all the industries I’m passionate in.  Save live music! Have Gigs in parks! 🙂