Busy Busy Bonnet!

This week has been crazy! Mega nuts!
For the first time, I was in TWO group shows IN ONE WEEK. Ridiculous, I know.

My works “Wallflower” and “In His Hands” appeared  in the RSASA Youthscape 2012 awards, on Sunday the 17th, sitting alongside some of the best emerging artists in Adelaide.

Arent they pretty? 🙂

And then, a mere four days later opening on the 21st, was Espionage Gallery’s  whirlwind three-day ‘Winter’ show, comprising of over 60 artists from all over the world (the man’s connected, what can we say?).

I presented these cute little guys…




…who are all cute representations of something we all get a case of The S.A.D. (or Seasonal Affective Disorder). This is a condition that usually manifests during the Winter months, though Spring and Summer cases have been reported. With symptoms closely mirroring Clinical Depression, it is caused by an over-production of melatonin in the brain. Usually controlled by exposure to bright light through the retina, the long dim hours of winter leave the body prone as it confuses ‘awake’ for ‘asleep’. Disconnection, vagueness, altered eating and sleeping cycles, and bouts of anxiety are all usual signs of S.A.D. Those prone to bi-polar mental disorders and other mental illnesses are more likely to display these symptoms, though ‘normal’ mentally healthy people are also frequently affected. If you are feeling down, this artistic study into monsters of the blues may help you understand why. *

The show was a huge success, amazing turn out and LOTS of fun. 🙂

There’s many things to come as I expand my art practice in all ways possible. The next big project is for SALA Festival 2012, called “Whats Your Crutch?”
Stay tuned for more details…

*If you are feeling like any of these Winter Ogres are overwhelming you, please seek out a good which doctor, or an even better Mental Health Councillor.