For the past few months I have been -flat out- with volunteering for the Adelaide Festival Center’s Green Room Program. After being selected as an Advocate in February this year, I have since collaborated with some of the best and brightest of the Festival Center crew, working towards building a youthful presence within the AFC walls. This includes helping out with the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, the Adelaide International Guitar Festival, and the OzAsia Festival, as well as learning the tricks of the trade and the huge amount of effort and work these guys put both into the running of these amazing events as well as day-to-day life promoting quality theater.

One of the most exciting things to happen from this program (so far!) was the opportunity to design and create a promotional image for an event we’ve envisioned called Guitar Art.

This is a competition designed to run alongside the Adelaide International Guitar Festival where we call out to emerging artists between 16-30 to think of creative things to do to a guitar. After submitting a brief to the AFC, finalists will be chosen and given a physical guitar to manipulate as per their idea (and get a double pass to see the amazing Punch Brothers at the Festival!). From these submissions, a judging panel will select prize winners, with the top prize being $1500!!!

These guitars will then be displayed in the Dunstan Playhouse Foyer from the 9th to the 12th of August, giving massive exposure to these creatives just embarking on their careers.

As much as I would LOVE to apply (dam you, clash of interests! :P), I am contenting myself with the fact that my image (based on the incredible guitar drawn by artist and designer Chris McGill for the AIGF branding) will be used to promote the event.


Once again aided by those amazing dudes at Tooth and Nail Gallery and Studios, I created a design based around the concept of taking apart and putting back together a guitar, reducing the components back to its purely creative level.  This takes the form of a patent design, or blue print, for a guitar leaving the building and embellishment up to the artists.
After sketching this design, and etching it into an  acrylic ‘plate’, I then used T+N’s press to bring it to life on archival etching paper.

Unfortunately, the inks I was using were not quite bright enough for my desired result, so after they had dried I re-sketched the original print with a blue ball-point pen, strengthening the image and creating more depth.

I submitted it to the design studio at the AFC today and they loved it! It’s in there right now being turned into a postcard and poster. Awesome.

Look out for them on the streets in the next few weeks, and if you’re between 16-30 sign up to the Green Room and take part in this amazing opportunity.
Deadline for applications is July 2nd, so get on it!