October has been the most hectic month for me!
By the 30th, I will have been in four art shows, started curating my first independent exhibition outside of the Reading Room (at Format Gallery in January 2013 involving 24 artist, 25 wooden dowel rods, 50 meters of chicken wire, and a whole lot of love), started planning my next curated show at Tooth and Nail Gallery (July 2013??), finished up my Advocacy at the Adelaide Festival Centre’s GreenRoom, and started a Core Committee Member position (still volunteering, damnit!) working with the Helpmann Academy to resuscitate their youth arts administration program Helpmann Academy Creative Collective (formerly the Foundation Front, but more on that later).
Its been full on, but having that kind of hyperactive brain that makes it hard to focus on one subject for more than about ten minutes (if I MUST an hour or two :P), this is the way I prefer to work, lots of projects on the go at once. 🙂

I gave up working hospitality last month, as I felt that it was getting in the way of my art practice. Late nights, sleeping all day, missing out on openings and shows due to working evenings, feeling like I was wasting my time standing behind an empty bar when I could’ve been creating something… all factors in the decision to be a dole-bludger.  On the bright side, the sea change has given me a lot more time to myself to do the things I ACTUALLY want to do, and freedom in my mind to work towards my visual art practice, my curatorial practice, and taking care of the Reading Room. It’s also forcing me to treat art as my job, not as a side project, and even though it’s only been a month the decision was absolutely worth it!

I was in a group art show at the new gallery  These Walls Don’t Lie for the first time and sold two works there, and have been invited to exhibit for their  Halloween Show; Trick Or Treat

Should be awesome!

I’m also in the 10×10 Charity Fundraiser show, in which participants take a movie that has inspired them and create a 10cm x 10cm image from it. All sales of works go to charity to supply fresh water to kids in malaria-infested areas, which is pretty awesome. Here’s a teaser of the work I created, based around one of my all-time favourite movies “The City Of Lost Children”

This one was a tough one to do, as my style is usually more immediate and emotional. I haven’t had much practice ‘illustrating’ as such, so I wrestled with this one a bit. BUT it paid off, I think it’s one of the best things I’ve done stylistically in a long time. My painting technique has really improved as I try new things like washes and mixing colours and shades to an inch of their spectrum to get THAT effect. I’m learning when to apply THAT effect in a piece too, so my confidence is gaining technically.

But by far the most challenging and exciting thing I’ve been involved with to date is the  Unboxed; Vinyl Toy Show at Espionage Gallery.  Josh (the director dude) gave a bunch of artists these   Munny Toy things, and asked us to go play!  I don’t usually work in 3d at all, even my 2d stuff is very flat-planed, so it was a difficult thing to try my hand at! But after three solid days of working hard at it, I think I have a final toy that   is both completely unique and not even that bad looking.  In all the rest of my online publicity I’ve just used this image

560721_10151064613766020_504586635_n   2   3

How creepy is this guy?! His eyes are actually two small round mirrors, so when you move around they flash at you. The wire Mohawk is part jewellery wire, part hanging wire stuck through his head with wooden beads as anchors, and that denim poncho used to be a pair of jeans of mine, now jazzed up with hand painted ink decorations and crazy yarn.  I called him “Masau’u; The Light At The End Of The Tunnel”, after the Hopi Indian Life/Death God. The inspiration came from dolls many American Indian Tribes make to represent the spirits that are inherent in everything (Kachinas),   this is the main image I could find for inspiration.  Obviously it’s been adapted somewhat to fit my own interpretation. We’ll see how it goes down at the opening on Thursday!

I’ve got so much more to write, but right now as its about 3.30am I think the bed is calling. I’ll try and post again very soon. Until then my dears! Love life!