Introducing; “What’s Your Crutch?”!!


For the South Australian Living Artists Festival this year I’m collaborating on a project with dancer Fiona Gardner.
I’m striking off in (another) different direction, still experimenting, still trying to find what fits within. We will be merging our art forms to create a moving installation exploring external manifestations of physiological dependency.

In four unique performances, body movement will combine with expressionistic painting skills creating a project that leads to an open awareness of the nature of dependency in self and others.

Each mental crutch has its own unique effect that plays an important part in our ability to deal with the world around us. These unknown refuges can be found in many aspects of people’s lives, both in a negative and positive manner. Examples of negative psychological crutches can include food addiction or denial, psychological reliance on drugs, alcohol and/or nicotine, self-harm, over-dependence on social norms and conformity, escapist or anti-social behaviour, fanaticism, workaholism, adverse promiscuity, gambling, compulsive shopping, technology or internet addiction.

These works are inspired by strangers; so if you have some time to spare, please contribute your stories!

Help inspire us so that in August, we can return the favour. 🙂

Busy Busy Bonnet!

This week has been crazy! Mega nuts!
For the first time, I was in TWO group shows IN ONE WEEK. Ridiculous, I know.

My works “Wallflower” and “In His Hands” appeared  in the RSASA Youthscape 2012 awards, on Sunday the 17th, sitting alongside some of the best emerging artists in Adelaide.

Arent they pretty? 🙂

And then, a mere four days later opening on the 21st, was Espionage Gallery’s  whirlwind three-day ‘Winter’ show, comprising of over 60 artists from all over the world (the man’s connected, what can we say?).

I presented these cute little guys…




…who are all cute representations of something we all get a case of The S.A.D. (or Seasonal Affective Disorder). This is a condition that usually manifests during the Winter months, though Spring and Summer cases have been reported. With symptoms closely mirroring Clinical Depression, it is caused by an over-production of melatonin in the brain. Usually controlled by exposure to bright light through the retina, the long dim hours of winter leave the body prone as it confuses ‘awake’ for ‘asleep’. Disconnection, vagueness, altered eating and sleeping cycles, and bouts of anxiety are all usual signs of S.A.D. Those prone to bi-polar mental disorders and other mental illnesses are more likely to display these symptoms, though ‘normal’ mentally healthy people are also frequently affected. If you are feeling down, this artistic study into monsters of the blues may help you understand why. *

The show was a huge success, amazing turn out and LOTS of fun. 🙂

There’s many things to come as I expand my art practice in all ways possible. The next big project is for SALA Festival 2012, called “Whats Your Crutch?”
Stay tuned for more details…

*If you are feeling like any of these Winter Ogres are overwhelming you, please seek out a good which doctor, or an even better Mental Health Councillor.


For the past few months I have been -flat out- with volunteering for the Adelaide Festival Center’s Green Room Program. After being selected as an Advocate in February this year, I have since collaborated with some of the best and brightest of the Festival Center crew, working towards building a youthful presence within the AFC walls. This includes helping out with the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, the Adelaide International Guitar Festival, and the OzAsia Festival, as well as learning the tricks of the trade and the huge amount of effort and work these guys put both into the running of these amazing events as well as day-to-day life promoting quality theater.

One of the most exciting things to happen from this program (so far!) was the opportunity to design and create a promotional image for an event we’ve envisioned called Guitar Art.

This is a competition designed to run alongside the Adelaide International Guitar Festival where we call out to emerging artists between 16-30 to think of creative things to do to a guitar. After submitting a brief to the AFC, finalists will be chosen and given a physical guitar to manipulate as per their idea (and get a double pass to see the amazing Punch Brothers at the Festival!). From these submissions, a judging panel will select prize winners, with the top prize being $1500!!!

These guitars will then be displayed in the Dunstan Playhouse Foyer from the 9th to the 12th of August, giving massive exposure to these creatives just embarking on their careers.

As much as I would LOVE to apply (dam you, clash of interests! :P), I am contenting myself with the fact that my image (based on the incredible guitar drawn by artist and designer Chris McGill for the AIGF branding) will be used to promote the event.


Once again aided by those amazing dudes at Tooth and Nail Gallery and Studios, I created a design based around the concept of taking apart and putting back together a guitar, reducing the components back to its purely creative level.  This takes the form of a patent design, or blue print, for a guitar leaving the building and embellishment up to the artists.
After sketching this design, and etching it into an  acrylic ‘plate’, I then used T+N’s press to bring it to life on archival etching paper.

Unfortunately, the inks I was using were not quite bright enough for my desired result, so after they had dried I re-sketched the original print with a blue ball-point pen, strengthening the image and creating more depth.

I submitted it to the design studio at the AFC today and they loved it! It’s in there right now being turned into a postcard and poster. Awesome.

Look out for them on the streets in the next few weeks, and if you’re between 16-30 sign up to the Green Room and take part in this amazing opportunity.
Deadline for applications is July 2nd, so get on it!


Do you remember this guy?


On the 27 April, he took part  in a fundraising event for the Royal Society for the Blind, the annual colourGRIND exhibition!
I donated “It’s Quiet In Here” up for auction for the cause, as well as featuring “Every Death Is A Rebirth 2”


The event was a huge success, raising $4600 for the RSB to go towards projects aiding those with poor or no vision, and I’m honored to have been a part of it!
Till next year, amigos!


Hard Lines

Well, Isn’t this exciting?
(Yes! Yes it is!)


The above is the flier for my next exhibition with Adelaide artist Tiff Hampton at the Reading Room!

(mass credits to the amazingly talented Meg Cowell  for her photography expertise in taking the image, and the ever-wonderful Daniel Purvis for flier design and print-readyness)

Blurb text below!

“Yes, they’re back!

Fresh off the back of exhibitions “Les Petites Morts” and “Dirty Truth” respectively, local Adelaide artists Kat Coppock and Tiff Hampton have collaborated for a special Fringe mash-up of epic proportions!

Celebrating the theme of festival excesses, Hard Lines takes the normal and turns it towards the absurd. In Re-New Adelaide’s pilot project and 2012 Fringe Venue The Reading Room these two artists paint, draw, and collage their interpretation of emotional, physical, and psychological indulgence resulting in the largest exhibition ever held in this space.

200 original works by these artists will be priced below the poverty line, with all proceeds going to the human condition’s noble cause. Following purchase, works are immediately available to take home, commemorating your moment of decadence forever.

Opening night; Thursday 23rd February, 6PM.
Cupcakes provided, wine by donation.
Exhibition open most days till 18th March, 2012.

If you’d like to come, or would like a sneak preview of all the awesome goodies to be seen on offer, RSVP HERE!

Needless to say, 100 paintings is quite an effort on my tired-ink stained hands, but as they are small and beautiful, and I’m almost half way through the demand, it should all come together quite well!
See you there for cheap decadent cup-cakey art fun!


So last night was the opening of my second exhibition, and first (non-art school) collaborative exhibition, <i>Les Petites Morts!</i>

After a week of sanding, spak-filling, painting, and re-painting, <a href=>The Reading Room</a> looked absolutely amazing with newly finished walls, and like-wise did our works! Sandrine’s, as you can see below, dominated the space with their effective colour scheme and Neitsche-inspired texts. My works, much much smaller, added some flavour and colour to the scene.

(photos by NicNic Ansell)

It went astoundingly well, with 17 out of 40 works sold!  (I’m so stoked, all my thanks to those who purchased moments of my experience.)

If you’re around at all on Hindley Street before the 30th of December, drop in and have a look-see!

Leaving you with one of the happiest photos I think I’ll ever cherish; this summed up the night completely for me.

(photo by Gemma Killen)

Love you guys.