An update in the form of Email To Dad (cause I’m Mad like that)

Hey Dad!

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you about the image for the family news!
I’ve been working like a maniac, while still trying to get some sleep etc, and things seem to keep slipping through the net.

As you may be aware, I’ve been working like a mad thing on this new project ‘Feathers’, involving 23 artists and building a communal artspace to help break downs the walls between artists and communities.  After failing to receive the Carclew grant I applied for, I hosted a fundraising campaign on the crowd-funding website Pozible (, which closed yesterday. After massive spammage, we hit our target in 20 days, and ended up with $1442 to put on the show, an epic $300 over our target! This is great, as i just found out the catalogues are going to cost an extra $300 I didn’t plan for, so yay! 😛
The added image that I’ve attatched to this email in my portrait taken by local emerging photographer Genevive Brandenburg, a good friend and a mad artist about town. Part of her contribution to this project was to photograph each artist involved to put into the catalogue, which features bios on everyone involved. Shes a great photographer, and the portraits look amazing!

Some other stats and news you might like to put into the newsletter are; I’ve been curating at the Reading Room now for a year and a half, with no signs of stopping, transforming the space with Beccit to incorporate music, poetry, and theatrical events as well as visual arts. We’re hosting four performances, one visual art show, and one fashion parade during Fringe 2013, which is going to be huge!

I’ve finished up with the GreenRoom Advocacy, which has given me knowledge and skills in areas such as publicity and events management, which we utilised to put on the GreenRoom exhibition ‘GuitarART’ earlier this year, and facilitated a partnership with dancer Fiona Gardiner that resulted in us performing  a groundbreaking performance for the South Australian Living Artists Festival  2012, challenging my boundaries as an artist and introducing my skills into new artforms.

This has been echoed with my involvement with the Moving Music festivals, which I had lent my talents to planning and creating a stage for local bands to play in hidden allyways in the city. The third Moving Music is scheduled for the 14th of January, and I will bee working with a teams of designers and architects to create the largest installment yet. The best news, I actually get PAID for this one (as they took out the grant I was applying for… damnit! :P)

GreenRoom had also provided me with several opportunities to attend arts-as-business lectures and workshops, which are being used as we speak to create a future for myself.  In January I will be starting the New Enterprise and Initiatives Scheme through Canterfuck to further my ambitions as a gallery director of my own place one day.

Also on the cards for 2013 is my involvement with the Helpmann Academy’s Creatives Collective, a youth-run organisation that focuses on bringing emerging artists into contact with funding bodies and the long-standing patrons of the Adelaide arts scene. We promote exposure for young artists through youth events and exhibitions, and aim to facilitate much celebrating of emerging artists and their culture to liven up the cities streets.

You may also remember the art show I had with Tiff for Fringe 2012, where we created 200 works and filled the Reading Room space. Since that time I’ve been in eight group shows in four different galleries (that I remember, there may be more), worked with artists painting a public art mural, helped create a gateway for a festival at the AFC, gained a volunteer position in the Artspace Gallery at the AFC, and made many many awesome arty friends.

Oh yeah, and I went to Cairns and hung out with international DJ’s and went camping in the bush and saw a Solar Eclipse and broke my toe. Hahaha.

So, you can see it was totally worth quitting the shitty bar job! 😀

Its a wealth of information, to be sure, (and probably waaay more in-depth than what you asked for!) but it finally feels with all this learning under my belt I’m fucking getting somewhere. Huzzuh!

Let me know if you need any more dirt to tell the rellies, and I’ll try and something something PR something something.

(Also, are you free between now and xmas to help me pour cement in buckets and stick poles in them? it seems easy enough, but these things always have a hidden agenda…)

Give my love to mum and liz and the puppies. (PUPPIES!!)


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