ADELAIDE! =I love this city…


…and this is why. 🙂

Yesterday the crowd sourced  Pozible Campaign for ‘Feathers’ closed. for more information on ‘Feathers’ the show, check out the link or see the blog post below.
‘Feathers’ hit our target goal of $1100 at 20 days into the month long campaign, which is pretty damn amazing. We ended up raising $1442, $300 over target for the show!

I’ve written it a few times now, in emails and updates, but I still can’t believe it. My heart does this weird fluttery thing whenever I read the words “$300 over target” and I get a bit dizzy….in a good way…

The following is from the update I wrote for the campaign upon its close, and sums up some reason why I get this quiver…

“I’m amazed, astounded, and incredibly humbled by this.  The aim of ‘Feathers’ was originally to create an all-inclusive collaborative project that would get artists from all disciplines together. As many of these artists are at the very beginnings of their creative careers, their super-keen involvemement also highlighted how little opportunities there are for creatives in Australia. Traditional arts funding has been slashed and institutions are backing away from arts support. Emerging artists like those featured in this exhibition need all the help they can get to make creating beautiful things a beautiful career, and unfortunately the mainstream mindframe right now is not in our favour!

However, incredible people like those that have helped with this campaign have re-established my faith that art and artists are not only highly needed, but also valued in this community. Its a great feeling, and thank you all for giving that back to me. 🙂

There is a very strong underground arts scene uprising in Adelaide at the moment. The past few generations of graduates have emerged as a highly-motivated and powerful art force, and they are grabbing this city by the horns and showing it how it’s done. With these inspiring people beside us we WILL bring creative projects back into this city. Vibrancy be damned, we’re pouring paint off the walls, sending colour cascading down the streets!

This is just the start of my personal arts renaissance. By getting the wider community involved in projects such as ‘Feathers’, I aim to bring down the walls between artists and audiences. I want to show people that there art is not something to be afraid of, feel alienated by, or let pass quietly. We are all inherently creative, and ‘Feathers’ celebrates that by providing a space that  everyone can play with/in.
The first step was this Pozible campaign, and it’s worked better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you all again! :D”

Having had a day to get my head around it, the next step is to send our catalogues to get printed (tomorrow!), and to continue posting all our posters etc (designed by yours truely!) out and about on the streets.


The next few weeks will see me living at Bunning’s, salvage stores, and sand/metal depos gathering the framework for the nest.. and then.. bam! Come January the 9th there’s going to be the biggest opening party this year. (Incidentally, I was born at 12:06am January the 10th, so its also going to be one huge birthday party. Wouldn’t have it any other way!).

Thanks again to everyone who made this journey with me, and who will yet to be involved! You’re all fucking amazing. 🙂


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