In addition to being in the Espionage Gallery “AllStars Exhibition” (13th December!), running the Reading Rooms arts program, going on Cairns for a holiday for Eclipse Festival 2012, breaking my toe, rescuing little birds with broken legs, farewelling a dear friend to South America, getting an amazing new tattoo, and generally ‘Doing Life’, this past month or two I’ve been flat out curating, co-ordinating and creating “Feathers”, my most ambitious (potentially TOO ambitious?) project yet!

Inspired by the phrase “Birds of a feather flock together”, ‘Feathers’ will be held at the Format Gallery Space (15 Peel St, Adelaide 5000) from the 9th January to 10th February 2013.

23 young artists’ works will be enmeshed in a giant chicken wire nest built within the gallery, physically and metaphorically supported by the audience as they weave fabric, yarn, sticks, tape, and other recycled materials into the walls.

The opportunity for young artists to showcase their work and become known in the arts sphere is a high priority of this exhibition, with experienced artists displayed on the same platform as emerging thus promoting equality in the creative sphere. The media that these artists work within will be entirely their own choice, absolving the divide between genres and treating all crafts as equal. From photography to jewellery, to illustration and sculpture, all forms of expression combine to increase awareness of local visual culture.

The artists involved include;
Vera Ada, Sebastian Petrovski, Steph Fuller, Genevive Brabdenburg, Elle DS, Gee Greenslade, Wes Todd, Reb Rowe, Cameron Brideoak, Dan Purvis, Caitlin Millard, Beth Millard, Artist Neto, Sam Evans, Imee Luz, Fruszi Kinez, Grace Mitchell, Andrew Humphries, Katie Lee, Alyshia Eming, Esther Nimmo, Ashley Playfair, Ryan Wakelin; all very talented and amazing at what they do.
Needless to say this show is going to be RIDICULOUSLY amazing,

Its been a lot of hard work, after spending MONTHS recruiting artists, planning the show, and more hours creating a 65page application to a traditional funding body, I was unsuccessful for my $4000 request. So I created a Pozible campaign. Its been going really well, at the stage I created the campaign I thought I still had a chance for this organizations funding, so set it at less than I needed (rookie mistake #1)…
After not getting the funding, I did a massive revision of the budget and cut out a lot of things like advertising, which were super costly. The new estimate is that the project will cost us about $1800 with the majority of that going towards things like buying the chicken wire and wooden doweling, and the rest on gallery hire and promotional costs (catalogues are expensive!).
Despite this though the campaign’s been going OFF, and we hit target with ten days left! We’re sitting at about 111% funded with five days to go, but due to my oversight we’re still looking for moneys, and people are still contributing, which is great! There’s some amazing stuff up for grabs on the campaign site, including limited edition prints by artists involved, a dessert baking class at a local cafe, portraits of the artists shot by incredible local photographer Genevive Brandenburg,  as well as some cool stickery things designed by yours truely! (plug plug)

We’ve also been featured in  Krystoff Magazine, and I had an  interview on Radio Adelaide 101.5fm Friday morning (breakfast show… uggghhh… early morning was early). Its good, it feels like the cities listening. The weight of expectation hangs in the  air. No pressure. 🙂

To check out the campaign, visit http://pozible.com/feathers… or watch the video!

Much more to come on this show and others, there’s a lot of things in the pipeline, though this is taking up much of my time currently.
Who says there’s nothing to do in Adelaide? ;P

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