SALA Festival is traditionally a pretty hectic time of the year. Come the first of August (and sometimes before!) every gallery and its dog start pumping out the art shows. Last years SALA festival had something like 4132 artists displaying works in over 350 venues statewide, so as you can imagine it’s been pretty busy around here right now.

I’m very much looking forward to checking everything out, not only is the weather FINALLY warming up and becoming amazing for bike-riding, I have many many arty friends sharing their joy on the walls of Adelaide’s galleries, cafes, pubs, retail shops, hairdressers, Reading Rooms, and pretty much everywhere else they can find. The city will be alive with colour, emotion, and inspiration, its an exciting time.

Understandably, the week following SALA is quite similar to the first week post-Fringe= full of exhaustion and a dazed sense that time is never quite as rigid as we were taught in school after bending it to fit around so many events.

Even the lead-up to this period is pretty tiring! Not only are Fiona and I rehearsing MADLY for “Whats Your Crutch?”, with our first show in ONE AND A HALF WEEKS (not even freaking out. everything’s FINE! :P), but we’ve also set up an  online ticketing system, had a radio interview with Jennie Lenman from Arts Breakfast over at 101.5FM Radio Adelaide, met up with Esther Nimmo from The Adelaide Collective for a chat, AND  made it into Fringe Benefits Guide, but we may also be onstage in the Unley Coucil’s ‘SALA on Sale’ towards the end of the month!


Here’s some progress shots to give you an idea of how we’re going with things…
IMG_8714    IMG_8742    IMG_8769    IMG_8794

For more images, check out my facebook album full of all the crazy things we get up to.

We’re pretty on track for the 5th though, am getting excited and nervous. Will be posting  more on the shows progress as it gets closer to the date.
Stay tuned, Amigos!

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