Last night was the opening of Espionage Gallery’s “Ingrained” show, a group show where all the artists painted on the lovely medium of wood.

My piece was a last-minute addition to the show, being delivered just the day before to be hung. Originally started  somewhere back in 2008, it’s been a long time in the making while I acquired the forms and skills necessary to express my idea.

(Don’t let anyone fool you, good ideas stick around while you work towards them. Some pieces can be a flash-in-the-pan-one-hit-wonder combining learned inspiration with skills already gained to create something amazing in one hit. Some pieces are like pushing a stone up a hill, one step at a time, tedious and slow as you work and work at the skills and concepts needed to pull them off.But then when you get to the top of the hill all the dirt falls away and you realize that you’ve been rolling this huge nugget of gold or chocolate or insert-personal-most-valued-commodity-here and now you get to ride it all the way home. AWESOME.)

Eventually though, even after appearing at my grad show in 2010 in a half-formed state, the work was given the push needed to come through, and “High Up In The Clouds” finally sat happily and whole amongst some of Australia’s best.


If you’re around the city in the next few weeks head up the stairs in Lindes Lane off Rundle Mall, to the second level above the shoe store, wave to the amazing Josh Smith, and have a look-see! Its a cracker of an exhibition, well worth the climb! 🙂

Go on! Get your art on!

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