That day Fringe happened

Today I woke up in shock, as if from a bad dream.  I blinked my eyes, bumped the cats off the bed and tried to figure out why today of all days felt different, dislocated, overwhelmingly NORMAL.
It hit me then, like coming down off a hardcore drug, or bouncing back onto solid land after falling 20,000 feet out of a plane… ADELAIDE FRINGE 2012 WAS OVER.
The rest of my life could begin!

This may not seem like such a big thing, but this Fringe was one of the busiest of my life (so far!)
Not only was I working as a barwench at local institution The Exeter Hotel, but also working behind the bar and on the floor at the famed Garden Of Unearthly Delights ( at which I also spent a week post-Fringe breaking down and shipping out). I also volunteered at the bikeparking station throughout WomAdelaide, nearly single-handedly managed the Reading Room as a Fringe Venue for the first time (including hosting the play ‘Twins’ directed by emerging thespian Izzy Roberts-Orr, and proudly taking the homely lounge-room part in Java Dance Companies  ‘Back of the Bus’ tour). I took my part in the opening night Parade holding a banner for the HILARIOUS kids from Ponydance (winning tickets to both their show ‘Where did it all go right?” and the AMAZING show from four Polish virtuosos ‘The Table’). For a month I hosted ‘Hardlines’ at the Reading Room, AND had a one-off session painting live with my partner in crime Tiffany Hampton in the Fringe Benefits  Spin DJ Competition while the best and brightest emerging DJ’s spun their stuff on stage to a pumping crowd.
Oh, and I made it into every pop-up Fringe venue in the city, with the exception of Arcade Lane. (Damnit! Next year, Gadget!)
Insane?! I think so!

And if that wasn’t enough, I also achieved a position as an Advocate for the Festival Center’s Green Room Program, a youth-oriented division of the Festival Center aimed at teaching, encouraging, and exposing Adelaide’s 18-30-year-olds to the wonders the Center has to offer. This position will involve working closely with the Festival Center’s staff to curate a visual arts show, program and present events, plan workshops and artistic incentives for Adelaide’s youth base to get involved in the Arts, and also develop and implement  marketing strategies to increase Green Room exposure.
(It’s a phenomenal opportunity for an emerging curator such as I! Am very, very excited.)

So you can  understand why it was a shock to wake up and realize, for the first day in over two months, I had nothing to do! What a relief!

It doesn’t last long, however, there is always more things to do. And the best way to beat post-Fringe blues, is to just keep making things happen!

So, in remissness, following is a review of the show by Tom Drahos from Fringe Benefits, quite a grand one I think!

“The exhibition is something physical; birthed, growing, simultaneously shrinking and expanding.The overwhelming impression one takes from an exhibition such as this is that it is not simply an exhibition, not just a show, but something more.”

And also some images from the show;


Many thanks to Sam Davies, Spoz Spozington, and Steve O’Connell for taking amazing pictures when I could not. 🙂


Many thanks to Sam Davies and Spoz Spozington for taking pictures when I could not.

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