Happy Birthday!

I quipped to my Dad a few days before today, that most girls ask for jewelery for their birthday. Seeing as I have worked in one bead store or another for about four years, and know many metal workers, this seemed a bit redundant.
So I got steel capped boots instead.

Why, I hear you ask? Because all week I have been in high-risk vehicle training, and today got my forklift license! OH YEAH!

Through TAFE and SkillsSA I’m engaged in a course called Skills For Creative Events, which teaches you all the skills you need to plan, site, set up, and effectively run a festival (or creative event). Over the next three weeks I’ll learn how to drive a boom-lift (as well as the forklift and scissor-lift), get a yellow and white card in OH+S, learn how to set up staging, create safety regulations, get y first aid and fire warden certificates, and hob-knob with industry professionals and pick their brains about how they run and manage famous festivals around Australia.

In three weeks, I get more qualifications than in FIVE years at University, studying my BVA.
Somehow I’m sensing a shift in the education hierarchy in the near future.

I dont have a photo to show how excited I am about this, but you can believe I am pretty damn excited.

Now.. what’s for dinner?
(Champagne ;P)

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